Welcome to my amateur radio site

I am operating in HF short waveband 80, 40, 20, 17, 12 and 10 meter.
For shortwave i have a 40 meters Off-Center-Feed 5 band dipole antenna at 10 meter.
For digital modes i am using Tigertronics SignaLink USB sound card with program
DigitalMaster 780 and  for rig control Ham Radio Deluxe.

My rig for HF is a ICOM IC-7300 and KENWOOD TS-590S and a TS-850S studio condenser microphone Røde NT1-A with
Microphone Preamplifier dbx 286A to modified DSP-100 and  Power Amplifier Dentron MLA-2500 to tuner MFJ-986

A wonderful little Multi mode HF,VHF and UHF QRP rig is my Yeasu FT-817 and home made HF mini autotuner Elecraft T1, if I want
more power on HF bands using RM Italy HLA-150.

My hand held rig for VHF and UHF Yaesu VX-3 and for D-Star ICOM IC-E91 and a KENWOOD TH-D7 for APRS on fot.
For VHF and UHF I am using ICOM IC-7100 and KENWOOD TS-2000 and some times also on HF-bands.

My satellite antennas is for VHF 2 meter-band 2x6el Yagi and UHF 70cm 2x13el Yagi.
Vertical antenna for 2 meter /  70cm. on 6 meter mast above  tree TV antennas.

You can find my QTH and home station and my car SM0IFP-9 in APRS system on 144,800 MHz.
I am using a RaspberryPi application aprx for IGate and Cumulus for weather info SM0IFP-13 to APRS network with modem Kantronics KAM Plus to radio Yeasu FT-817.

I am often on repeater R3x in the 2 meter-band in Stockholm for local QSO.
Repeater R3x/RV55, Rx/Tx 145,6875 MHz/145,0875 MHz -600Hz Shift subtone 77Hz.